Kevin Edge Photo & Video for Real Estate
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Services & Rates

Standard Shoot | $300 | up to 30 photos

Premium Shoot | for properties over 5k sq/ft | $550 | up to 50 photos

Quick Shoot | $200 | 10 photos

Single Shot | $75 | exterior only

additional photography | $5 per photo

rush processing | $2.5 per photo

delivered by 6pm the following business day

less than 24 hour cancellation | $150

Video Shoot | $550 | approx 2 minutes | motion graphics | branded & unbranded

less than 48 hour cancellation | $300

delivered within 3 business days

Photo & Video Shoot | $750 | Standard Shoot & Video | booked as 1 session

less than 48 hour cancellation | $450

delivered within 3 business days

Twilight Shoot | $350 | 10 photos

additional photography | $15 per shot

delivered by 6pm the following business day

Standard Website | $100 | 1 year | sample

Premium Website | $350 | 1 year | coming soon

All Day Affair | $1600 | Premium Shoot | Video | Twilight Shoot | Premium Website

less than 72 hour cancellation | $600

delivered within 5 business days

Hi! I’m Kevin, the photographer.

I’ve been taking real estate photos in and around Pasadena, CA for about 10 years. I’ve shot over 2300 properties and delivered more than 75,000 photos! In that time, I’ve pretty much seen it all.

Big homes. Little homes. Lots & lots of regular homes. From multi-generational mansions to 1-bedroom apartments. New construction masterpieces & barely standing tear downs. But honestly… they’re all the same. How so? Because every house, was someone’s home. And for you, each one was “your next listing”

I don’t treat any one home differently than the next. I don’t pull out the extra gear or bag of tricks for this one, and not for that. I don’t even have a different price for “better photos”. All homes deserve to look their best and it’s my job to make them bright, colorful and inviting. Of course all the homes are different. Some are dark and some are bright. Some are ready to go, and some are not. But I come prepared for almost anything.

Getting a house to market is hard work, and you’ve got enough to worry about. Let me take care of the pictures.

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All images are copyrighted to Kevin Edge. Images produced are licensed to the Agent and Agent’s Parent Company for use in all media and worldwide, for the duration of the property’s active listing. At the end of the active listing, the Agent and Agent’s Parent Company are licensed to use the image in electronic media, worldwide and in perpetuity, for purposes directly related to their Real Estate marketing. Usage of the images beyond the purpose of the active listing and/or additional marketing is strictly prohibited without additional licensing rights and fees approved in writing by the Photographer. The Agent, Agent’s Parent Company or any platform on which the images are broadcast have no claim to ownership or copyright of the images. Usage rights are not transferable. Kevin Edge retains all rights to publish and re-license the images at his discretion.